Depending upon application and cost, Slaglite, Slaglite II, and Ko-lite block are manufactured in a variety of sizes to offer a wide product selection for the architect, builder or mason contractor.


The Slaglite masonry unit is a durable, mid-weight all purpose block that has been manufactured for over thirty years and has been a cornerstone of excellence. This unit is typically a fine textured, sharp edged mid-weight unit with good layability and uniform light gray color.

Slaglite II

The Slaglite II masonry unit is a heavier weight block that is durable and has the same visible characteristics of the Slaglite unit. It is manufactured with a minimum of lightweight aggregate and is more economical. Because of its nature, this block has a lower shrinkage coefficient than the Slaglite or Haydite masonry units.


The Ko-lite Masonry Unit is manufactured from expanded shale and air cooled slag aggregates. This unit is approximately a few pounds heavier than Haydite but a few pounds lighter than the all purpose Slaglite unit. Ko-lite meets the lightweight specification, is more economical than Haydite and still provides good lay-ability and production. This unit would be a good choice for foundation work or commercial work where cost and production is important.

Water Repellent

Also available on special order are Water Repellent block. These units are manufactured with an integral water proofing additive and color with or without score. However to achieve the most satisfactory results, these units are manufactured from heavy dense raw materials and must be layed with full head and bed joints. To deter water penetration to its fullest, it is essential the same water repellent additive be used in the mortar.

*Most blocks are available in both Ko-lite and Slaglite.


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Concrete Block Styles and Sizes

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