Since 1938, the Koltcz Concrete Block Company has been producing quality heavy-weight and lightweight block in a variety of shapes and sizes. The company has strived to produce quality block with the best ingredients and maintain excellence in service for the customer.

The concrete masonry units are produced from the finest quality natural raw materials available and high strength Portland cement without the use of additives or substitutes. They are produced in a manner to maintain uniformity of color, size, texture and sharpness of edges and are produced on the most up to date computerized equipment that is available within the block industry today.

The units are formed, cured, and cubed automatically and are untouched by human hands with the exception of some special shapes and sizes that cannot be easily packaged.

Uniformity of color, size, texture and sharpness of edges are maintained with the use of several material bins, a large curing capacity and careful maintenance of mold parts and mold settings.

The large raw material bins help minimize material segregation that is prevalent in lightweight aggregates and assists in proper blending when there are changes or fluctuations in the gradation of the raw materials.

The large kiln, located inside the building is not affected by weather or temperature changes.  A curing system, which consists of low pressure steam, maintains low constant temperatures for energy efficiency and allows long set times in a warm moist atmosphere that is conducive to the proper curing of concrete.

This allows the masonry units to accelerate in strength and be packaged more efficiently with less chippage. This system produces a concrete masonry product initially stronger and superior in quality than the conventional curing and handling systems within the industry today.